Other-Type-Railroad-InjurieAccording to a November 9, 2010 study, long-term exposure to railroad locomotive diesel fume exhaust increases the chances of lung cancer. A person who has years of on-the-job exposure to diesel fumes is placed at a 317% higher risk of lung cancer. The results of this study add to the existing evidence that diesel fume exhaust exposure leads to lung problems such as cancer, COPD and asthma. The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine combined eleven previous studies, incorporated such information as to whether or not the subject was a smoker, and found that smokers and non-smokers had an increased chance of lung cancer when exposed to diesel fumes over a long period of time.

If you are a railroad worker, who has been exposed to diesel fumes over a long period of time, you may develop lung cancer, COPD or asthma even after you retire. The incidents of lung cancer often occur twenty to thirty years after initial exposures. You may call our office for a free consultation to discuss whether or not your lung problems are related to railroad locomotive diesel fume exhaust exposure. We have lawyers licensed in VA, WV, NC and Washington, DC who look forward to sharing their railroad experience and legal knowledge with you.

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