Virginia Head-on Collision Car Accident Settlement

Written by our personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville

A terrible car accident with serious injuries resulted in a significant settlement. The car accident was a head-on collision between a Honda Pilot and a Chevrolet Suburban.

The driver of the Suburban claimed that her brakes failed as she was going down a hill and so she had to cross over into the oncoming lane of travel in order to make it around a curve in the road.

Unfortunately, the Honda Pilot was in that lane and the Suburban struck the Pilot going over 40 miles per hour. The driver of the Pilot had significant injuries including a concussion, shoulder strain, and aggravation of pre-existing back and neck pain.

Suit was filed and the defendant Suburban driver claimed a “sudden emergency” based on the mechanical failure of her brakes.

Our experienced personal injury lawyer in Charlottesville, Francis Hajek, worked with a team of experts to debunk the claim of sudden emergency. He had two experienced car mechanics look into the facts and they were prepared to offer the opinion that the brake failure described by Defendant could not have happened as described based on the design of the Suburban’s brake system.

He also worked with an accident reconstruction expert to examine the scene and the damage to the vehicles to see if the defense of sudden emergency explained the accident. The accident reconstruction expert determined that the defendant’s explanation of how the accident happened was not consistent with a sudden brake failure.

The parties agreed to mediate the case. The injured plaintiff had over $20,000 in medical bills. The personal injury case settled for $117,500.

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