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Personal injury lawyers know that motorcycle riders must always be on the lookout.

Our personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville have represented numbers of motorcycle riders who have been careful and have still been injured. Experienced lawyers know that even if a bike rider keeps his eyes wide open, as Johnny Cash suggested, they are sometimes unable to avoid autos changing lanes, coming out of side streets, driveways, and passing. It seems that the drivers of cars often either overlook or assume the right of way over a motorcycle. The motorcycle rider must keep a constant vigil for these situations in order to avoid serious personal injury.

There are often disputes as to how an accident took place. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident that is not your fault and are able to do so, get the names and addresses of any nearby witnesses. If you have a cell phone with a camera, take photographs of the scene and both vehicles involved in the crash. Do this before the police arrive and make sure the police officer notes that the other person was at fault.

Most motorcycle accidents involve serious injuries. Protect your evidence by making sure you document what happened to you and your bike. Then call experienced personal injury lawyers such as those at Wilson & Hajek in Charlottesville. They will protect you and take over the hassle with the insurance companies.

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