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A jury in Florida awarded a family 14 million dollars in a DUI crash case that killed two minors. The accident occurred when a man who had been drinking all night hit the truck in which the young boys, ages 1 and 6, were riding. The defendant was speeding at about 80 mph. The defendant pleaded no contest to the criminal charges and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The monetary verdict shows that jurors are getting tough on intoxicated drivers who cause injuries or death. Still, no amount of money can replace the two young sons.

The increase in jail time and the larger amounts of damage awards at least show our justice system is beginning to recognize and deal with our persistent DUI problem. The message needs to go out loud and clear that the general public will no longer tolerate drunks who drive and injure or kill innocent victims. Our personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville aggressively pursue these drunk drivers in behalf of victims or their families.

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