Eastern Shore residents live on a north/south corridor where many travelers do not bother to slow for towns. Serious injuries from auto accident are the result.

The north/south corridor of Route 13 is travelled by many for its scenery and to avoid Interstate 64 use to the west. A traveler headed north passes over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT) to Fisherman’s Island, passes Magothy Bay and Smith Island, then hits open highway. Unfortunately for local residents, the traveler is often more interested it he scenery than the traffic control signals such as red lights and yield signs. You also have the travelers who ignore the speed limit signs on both the highway and through towns. I remember when I first stayed on the Eastern Shore forty years ago. Fishing was wonderful, the scenery was even better, and there was a minimal amount of traffic.

On recent visits, the traffic has increased heavily and the incidence of traffic accidents with serious injuries has increased right along with the traffic count. When I was in law school, I never imagined that I would be called upon to represent seriously injured persons on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Times have changed, and the need has risen for quality legal representation for injured residents. Our law firm practices throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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