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In the State of Virginia, for the year 2006, there were 961 fatalities from car accidents. Of those 961 fatalities, 347 were alcohol related. That means that 36% of the fatalities in the State of Virginia were alcohol related.

There are laws in the State of Virginia that allow for the recovery of punitive damages in a case where the person causing the accident was driving under the influence. If that person causing the accident had a blood alcohol level of 1.5 or higher, then a jury may award punitive damages.

This fact is especially important in cases of serious injuries involving brain injury, injuries that lead to a coma, or accidents which lead to crippling injuries. These punitive damages are above and beyond the normal compensatory damages and pain and suffering damages. At Wilson & Hajek, our lawyers consider this an important ingredient in being able to recover for our clients who are involved in a serious personal injury car accident.

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