Charlottesville Car Accidents

Driving home from the grocery store last night, I went by two car accidents at two different intersections. I do not think of Charlottesville as a big city with lots of accidents happening on a daily basis, but there are a significant number of car and truck accidents in the area. Certainly, the number of lawyers in the area handling personal injury cases is a reflection of the volume of accidents in this area. Some lawyers handle the occasional injury matter along with other types of cases. At Wilson & Hajek, we focus exclusively on injury cases. Francis Hajek has over 30 years of experience in the courtroom and he has a proven track record of significant verdicts and settlements for injury clients. In a recent 2014 case, Francis Hajek obtained a 1.3 million dollar settlement for a motorcycle accident injury victim. Other recent results include a $375,000.00 settlement for a car accident injury victim who was a passenger when the accident took place and a $337,500.00 settlement for a slip and fall injury victim. The passenger car accident case was challenging because both drivers had some fault in causing the accident. As a result, there were multiple insurance companies involved and difficult questions of coverage. The slip and fall accident case involved complex medical issues. In addition, liability is always an issue in a slip and fall case because so many defenses are available to the owner of the property. Our firm handles a limited number of injury case so our clients get personal attention. Do excellent results follow as a result?