Drunk-Driving-InjuriesDUI arrests increased in Virginia over the Thanksgiving holidays. There were less fatal accidents, but 922 auto crashes. Of the nine fatalities, there was one in Chesapeake (not wearing a seat belt), two in Hampton, and others died in the Counties of Albemarle, Hanover, Montgomery, Orange, Rappahannock and Sussex.  Of the nine total fatalities, six were not wearing seat belts.

The auto accident attorneys at Wilson & Hajek urge you and your loved ones to buckle up their seatbelts.  Despite advance warnings of stepped up checks for DUI, there were 175 drivers charged with DUI, up from 132 in 2009. These people were apparently willing to risk killing or injuring themselves and others on Virginia highways. Attorneys at Wilson & Hajek go after these drunk and reckless drivers who cause death and injury to innocent persons.

Troopers also wrote 10,116 speeding tickets and cited 2,780 with reckless driving. More than 830 got tickets for failing to buckle up their seat belts and 253 for failing to properly restrain children.

If you are the innocent victim of these careless drivers and suffer an injury from an auto accident, our auto accident attorneys will aggressively pursue your claim.

You can collect for injuries. Call the personal injury law firm of Wilson & Hajek.