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The law firm of Wilson & Hajek in Charlottesville offer tips of how bicycle riders can best avoid a collision and accident with personal injuries.Brain-Injury-Careless-Drive

For daytime and nighttime bicycle riders:

  1. Get a headlight, particularly for night riding;
  2. Keep headlight on in daytime and the new LED and oscillating lights will alert auto drivers and get their attention;
  3. Helmet or head-mounted lights also alert auto drivers;
  4. Make eye contact with auto driver and stop if eye contact is not made with driver;
  5. Get a loud horn and use it;
  6. Be aware that car doors may open unexpectedly as you go by a parked car;
  7. Do not ride against traffic.  The impact velocity at impact will be increased and the accident will cause a more serious injury.  One study showed riding the wrong way was three times as dangerous as riding with traffic.  Riding the wrong way is illegal;
  8. Do not ride to the right and inside of cars stopped at an intersection as the auto may turn right causing an accident. There is also the possibility that a passenger may be opening a door;
  9. Do not ride on the sidewalk.  When you come off the sidewalk you are invisible to motorists;
  10. Never move left without looking behind you first. This means you should use a mirror and still look over your shoulder.  This will help you avoid a rear end collision accident with a car;
  11. Wear a reflective vest or a safety triangle. Better visibility of the rider helps avoid an accident and injury;
  12. Use back streets on weekends.

(Information drawn in part from BicycleSafe.com)

By following these accident avoidance tips, you can enjoy a safer ride free of accident and injury or death.  If you do have an unfortunate accident that is not your fault, the personal injury lawyers at Wilson & Hajek offer free consultations to discuss your personal injury.

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