Brain-Injury-Careless-DriveAs winter comes to Virginia, treacherous driving conditions and auto accidents follow.  Calls to injury lawyers, Wilson & Hajek increase.

The calls to our personal injury law firm increases during periods of winter storms that bring snow and ice covered roads.  People must still get around using their cars and often through no fault of their own they become involved in an auto accident that damages their car and results in a personal injury.  The insurance companies are flooded with injury claims.  Results and help are slow to arrive in the handling of your auto injury claim.  It is times like these that you need professional help from an attorney.

A call to Virginia injury lawyers, Wilson and Hajek, will immediately start the process moving forward for your personal injury claim and your property damage claim.  Our experience in handling personal injury car accident claims enables us to get your injury claims headed in the right direction.  Don’t be frustrated by the insurance companies.  Don’t sign away your injury claim.

Call for experienced help from experienced lawyers located in Charlottesville, VA.

You can collect for injuries. Call the personal injury law firm of Wilson & Hajek.