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The law firm of Wilson & Hajek and its lawyers help injured rail workers when they suffer an on-the-job injury. Injured railroad workers like talking with lawyers who understand the industry, the difficulty of the jobs, and the law that covers rail worker on-the-job injuries. Any injured rail worker is welcome to call our railroad lawyer, Eddie, to discuss their injury, whether it be a one-time trauma or a wear-out injury.

He enjoys talking with railroad workers and often the conversations concerning railroad injuries turn to shop talk about harassment, working conditions of railroad employees, and how railroad employee morale has declined over the years. There seems to be a pattern of railroads treating the railroad employees as a commodity instead of a valuable contributor to the well being of the railroad as a whole. You would think the railroad would recognize the valuable contributions of the employees and stop the continuous big brother is watching atmosphere at the railroad workplaces. The railroad workers and the railroad unions fight a continuous battle to combat this mindset on the part of the railroads.

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