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Wilson & Hajek are experienced trial lawyers having tried cases together since 1988. Their first trials together were in the Norfolk and Portsmouth areas.

It seems that once the word of the large verdicts spread through the legal community and to the general public, Wilson & Hajek branched out in Virginia to Richmond, Lynchburg, and Roanoke. As their reputations grew, clients from the surrounding areas of West Virginia, North Carolina, District of Columbia, Ohio, and South Carolina began hiring Wilson & Hajek as their trial lawyers. Over the years, Wilson & Hajek have set record large verdicts and large settlements. Many of these were sealed by the Courts at the request of the Defendants who lost the cases. There are still many public records available of million dollar cases, and of course, the $45,000,000.00 jury verdict obtained by Francis Hajek and co-counsel. This case was settled by the Defendant for an amount that was sealed by the court.

Not many cases reach the million to Forty-five million dollar range for large verdicts and large settlements. Each case and the results of each case depend on the facts of the case. However, don’t you want lawyers who have been there and have shown the ability to achieve large verdicts? Don’t you want lawyers who have obtained large verdicts and large settlements? Who have personally handled the cases? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should call Wilson & Hajek at their Charlottesville office.

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